Reality.. ☹️

2022.01.18 08:25 vokietizmo3000 Reality.. ☹️

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2022.01.18 08:25 Swifty6_9 19 [m4f] LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO PICK ME UP SO WE CAN FUCK

I'm 19 and here on a trip with my dad so I can't host but if you can pick me up and host or if youre within walking distance i'm down for pretty much whatever just hit me up.
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2022.01.18 08:25 letsstickygoat Can someone help me out with my SK deck?

So I've only started playing properly like a week ago and I got the bones of this deck from a starter deck guide from teamleviathan gaming or something like that, but it seems pretty old, should/can I try to improve it or move onto a different kind of SK deck? here's the deck
Thanks for any and all answers
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2022.01.18 08:25 Winstone312 I’m very skinny but want to gain muscle and get strong but got no idea what foods I should eat or working out

I go to the gym but that’s not doing much for me because I don’t eat the best of foods, I want to get fit all I need is someone to tell me what I should do and eat
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2022.01.18 08:25 Seahawk124 YES!

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2022.01.18 08:25 jhony013 FREE VINTAGE SAMPLE PACK - ''Dead Soul'' (Samples for Hip-Hop, Trap, Lo-Fi and R&B)

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2022.01.18 08:25 assagitaz Schnell & Langsam - 107 (Ikarus) [iM Electronica]

Publisher: iM Electronica
Out Date: 2022-01-14
Quality: MP3 8.14 Mb / AIFF 35.82 Mb
Genre: Mainstage
Schnell & Langsam - 107 (Ikarus) / (Key Am, BPM 95, Length 3:23)​
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2022.01.18 08:25 titaniumdoughnut How to set up dual esim so I can keep my home number registered for iMessages while using an international data plan?

iPhone 13 Pro/iOS 15.1.
Having a heck of a time finding the right way to do this!
I’m abroad for a couple of months, and I have my home (USA) Verizon plan on the first esim slot.
I want to get a local plan on the second esim slot for whatever country I’m in (Thailand at the moment) and use that for data while out and about.
BUT I want to keep my iMessages registered to my good old American phone number so that everyone can keep sending me iMessages on the US number they know.
AND I don’t want my Verizon plan to accrue any usage, cause Verizon charges me $10 a day for global use. I’m ok turning it on for a day every week or two to keep stuff registered if that’s required, but every day is just too expensive.
I don’t care about green text SMS or phone calls. Just using a cheap local data plan for internet and getting my iMessages delivered if they’re sent to my US number, just the same way I can get them on wifi right now.
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2022.01.18 08:25 trilson Heath Death Paradox - Upcoming Single/Album?

Not sure if this has already been discussed, but found some interesting entries when inspecting the DNS records for In addition to "", "", "", etc., there are a few more which caught my eye: (was this a previous promotion?) (previous treasure hunt? (??)
Unfortunately it's very difficult to tell when these were created, but thought they looked interesting. There are quite a few more (try here) if anyone's keen to explore...
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2022.01.18 08:25 Spauld1ng Ascertaining, me, digital, 2022

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2022.01.18 08:25 BroMandi [Walmart] Refurbished Apple iPad Pro (12.9") 5th Gen 128GB Space Gray Wi-Fi MHNF3LL/A (Latest Model) - Walmart - $849 [Deal Price: $849.00]

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2022.01.18 08:25 Creepy-Bed-5194 Night sights when no one is awake except me and the eyes that never close

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2022.01.18 08:25 MiggeldyMackDaddy Ian Rapaport homeless cat confirmed

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2022.01.18 08:25 salma_elmazen Karnak Temple, Luxor .

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2022.01.18 08:25 andre_theman Ketchup substitute tomato paste

Hello I am making Korean fried chicken and the recipe calls for 3 tbsp ketchup. My mum doesn't eat ketchup so I ma substituting it with tomato paste and a splash of vinegar. How much tomato paste would you recommend for 3 tbsp ketchup?
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2022.01.18 08:25 Rofl_Mayer Wenn Katzen mehr erreichen als die Politik

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2022.01.18 08:25 magdy-abdelsalam-67 Media: Russia is evacuating its embassy in Ukraine... Is the invasion imminent?

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2022.01.18 08:25 dr-notes Bindung in Psychologie Und Medizin Grundlagen Klinik Und Forschung - Ein Handbuch

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2022.01.18 08:25 bentrabentra salami

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2022.01.18 08:25 leeium Ha. Thought I recovered

I’m back again 😪 I really thought I was there this time. I wasn’t weight restored but I had gained a fair bit, hunger had gone and I was comfortably eating unrestrictedly and then BAM all of a sudden I completely relapsed into restriction, overexercising and b/p. WHAT.
It was like it was too good to be true.
So tonight I’m back on the EH bandwagon. It’s not so good to be back, but I’m hopeful.
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2022.01.18 08:25 dragonsnap_ [@gengenlook] Lamela’s Puskas winning goal

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2022.01.18 08:25 Candid-Equipment-923 🐶Baby Shiba Coin 🐶 Fair Launch In 15 Minutes 🌑 Ownership Renounced 🐶 Locked | Next x200 💵 | KYC/audit| Big marketing🔥 | low cap

🐶Baby Shiba Coin 🐶 Fair Launch In 15 Minutes 🌑 Ownership Renounced 🐶 Locked | Next x200 💵 | KYC/audit| Big marketing🔥 | low cap

Welcome to BABYSHIBA

🐶 New trend - 🐶 Longterm - 🐶 insane rewards


💎 Buy :

💎 Contract : 0xefc9a1b5f91674a88cc9d8513ce71de5ed171875

This is our first long-term project aiming at refreshing and hopefully becoming a new trend of doge with a latest vision for the metaverse future.
There will be a lot of marketing campaigns ready to be delivered every day and upcoming competitions throughout the project.

Since this is not a pump and dump project, we will try to maintain the best chart possible. Meanwhile, NFTs will be built in the 1st day of launch and will soon be given in BUSD value to all holders.


Total Supply :

0%transaction fee

💧0% Liquidity

🔥0% Marketing

✅ 100% LOCKED


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2022.01.18 08:25 ScaredAd4089 How do you gain a lot of y points during this event atm?

I'm new to the game tbh and I'm not sure what are the best healing yokai and which yokai can give y point bonuses
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2022.01.18 08:25 sonfor Is this silent treatment or giving me space?

So to start it off, my(19m) gf (18f) for 3 months had a rough patch lately, and i did too. I was trying to lift her mood all while still not opening my snaps, but she noticed something was off with me and asked me what was bothering me. I said that’s not important right now, but eventually told her i relapsed with self harm, which is obviously a reason to upset her. But i didnt tell her that part of why i did it was that she was being so short with me, both with texting and generally avoiding me.
And now she hasnt opened any of my messages in 12 hours all while still snapping friends from our same friend group, and planning to make music with a friend that has confessed his love for her before. I didn’t like it, i’ll admit, but it’s up to her i guess. Now it’s kind of worrying me cause she put me so far down in people she want to talk with. And she rather want to talk to people that crushes on her than her bf? I just wish she could tell me why. (Keep in mind i dont expect anything from her, although i didnt really specify it to her, and i can see that i freaked her out as she didnt sign up for this).
I cant speak with her face to face until thursday, and i really want to know if this is a shitty way to give someone space, or if she is giving me the silent treatment for upsetting her. Either way i’ll let her know how i feel about this and reconsider our relationship, for both our mental health.
Has anyone else experienced this? And is this unfair the way she gives me the cold shoulder, or is it fair for what i did? I would really appreciate any input:)
Tl;dr both me and my gf had a rough time and It lead to her ignoring my messages while still talking to other people and it makes me feel insecure
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2022.01.18 08:25 SpaceyEarthSam No cross hairs?

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