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Ongoing head and neck issues, wondering if it’s related to my TMJ

To improve my forward neck posture I have seen many suggestions that chin tucks are a good exercise, also by placing a tennis ball under my chin to keep tension. While doing this, I feel a very strong feeling on my spine on my neck, likely from C7. Is this caused by C7 and C6 touching each other while doing a chin tuck? Sept 4, 2017 (yesterday) I woke up with numbness on the right side of my head from the top of my neck to the front and side of my skull. It feels like pins and needles. Last night and today my right eye was affected also, so I went to the hospital. Dr did an ECG, and blood work which turned out perfect. Since I have been specializing in treating patients with dizziness and vertigo, I have observed an interesting connection between vertigo and teeth.. I have seen multiple patients who experienced vertigo symptoms during daily dental hygiene, at the dentist office and after oral surgery.. I share with you some interesting information that I have learned in this blog on the connection between ... Our blog post, Understanding Your Spine: Cervical Lordosis, explains the importance of a good, healthy curve in your neck.We’ve received so many wonderful comments & questions that we decided to do a follow-up post to help you understand more about common diagnosis procedures, medical terms, and treatment options for a loss of cervical lordosis. The balance test said it was either pppd or potentially cerviogenic dizziness. I have a mild nystagmus and my neck, shoulder and upper back hurts, I have a headache going from the back of my head to the front of my head and eyes, also my eyes became blurry and I can’t see as well as I use to and have a lot more light sensitive. A benign tumor was discovered in my thyroid gland when I was 34, I am now 73. Was not given any thyroid hormone, Dr. wanted to see if I could man age without it, 8 years later, I could see a lump the size of a golf ball in my neck, obviously it was a goiter. I went to my dr. He did tests and they came back “normal” I said to my idiot Dr ... Hi All’ I had six weeks of hydrapool exercises and this has helped my F/M symptoms a little, I found out there is a disabled session at my local pool once a week which I am going to start as a little over a week the fibro is hitting back with a vengeance and doing the exercises again will definitely help and once a week is plenty, hopefully I will be able to start some light swimming, got to ... (a) turning your head to the side, or simply moving your neck (b) putting your head on a pillow (meaning, lying on your back) (c) washing and brushing your hair (d) moving the neck • Laying on the back can create: (a) fullness/pressure of the sinuses (b) a runny nose (c) eye pain/pressure (d) forehead pain So I have a lump or inflammation of what I presume is a gland between my large neck muscle and under the back of my jaw line. " A dental splint looks like a small set of braces. Feb 26, 2014 · The mouth corner was a little bit torn after the first big treatment but I had this problem for a week and then was everything ok. Tingling lips causes. When the needle is positioned so that the tingling occurs in the area of TN pain, the person is then sedated and the nerve area is gradually heated with an electrode, injuring the Home Health Lips Lip twitching: 6 Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatments Lip twitching can cause panic and make you worried as lips are very delicate parts of our body.

2021.11.29 23:14 k4tune06 Ongoing head and neck issues, wondering if it’s related to my TMJ

Longish story…. I’ve had TMJ for several years now, it was mainly some grinding of the teeth and I’d wake up feeling tender but a bit of Advil and I’d get on with my day. Then, I had an issue where my world kind of blew up for a couple of years (incredibly rare tumour in foot, multiple surgeries, stress over that. Lost my job and was absolutely devastated and ended up moving/running away from reality). Before I lost my job, I had excellent benefits and the dentist was making the consult for Botox because my night guard wasn’t helping. I was doing intraoral massage and it was helping a bit.
I lost my benefits, lost my income and then COVID hit. I was on sick leave, no income, stress to the max. My TMJ started to get so bad that I started taking Flexeril twice a day to try and help it relax. My jaw clicks and sometimes locks. I noticed I was starting to get tinnitus which was a distraction. I’m depressed and anxious and fearful that my jaw will lick completely and I’ll hurt myself forcing it open.
Over the last 6 months or so, I’ve had such h intense headaches in the left side of my head that I was sure I had an unruptured aneurysm. My vision is blurry and feels like my eye is covered in plastic wrap. There is pain along the side of my face and above and behind my eye. I also get such bad pain in my scalp, I compare it to when your ponytail is too tight or heavy and your scalp aches… like taking your skates off your feet.
I’ve been ruled out for giant cell arteritis. I have a CT scan of my head in the 7th, it seems that she thinks I have cluster headaches now.
I’m wondering if this is more TMJ related, than anything?
Any insight would be awesome! I’ve been referred to a new specialist, hopefully they can help.
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2021.11.29 23:14 MorTibia Unreachable Fiendish Rat? Drefia

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2021.11.29 23:14 Most_Ad_2676 Velkoz Photoshop that im working at atm

Velkoz Photoshop that im working at atm
i only have like 3 weeks using photoshop, im also a doctor so i dont have so much time for this i would like good advices from u, no h8
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2021.11.29 23:14 elektrakomplex Young SDs (unverified)

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2021.11.29 23:14 EmbodiedRemembrance Honeymoon

Your whispers drip like fingers down my spine.
Drunk on promises forged in the embers of new love.
Have you ever burned with love?
They call it ” honeymoon” for a reason.
Because its sweetness could never be mistaken, and the heights traveled could never be reached without the high.
When the air we taste is lost between the empty spaces where our lips touch and two become one.
You were my Achilles heel and salvation wrapped up in one, neat, little bow.
I opened myself to you, like a mouth to a barren river.
Unending in its wanting for just one drop.

1 2
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2021.11.29 23:14 widowmakerlaser Laser's $BBIG - MONDAY UPDATE ----T+35 Calendar Days(T+3,T+6 Trading Days) - The Gherkin DD ---Nov.30th we go boom boom!?!?

Laser's $BBIG - MONDAY UPDATE ----T+35 Calendar Days(T+3,T+6 Trading Days) - The Gherkin DD ---Nov.30th we go boom boom!?!? Good Evening Apes!
If you missed my last DD on Thanksgiving, it can be seen here: Thanks Giving Day DD
Before I Begin, I wanted to make a recommendation to everyone who is posting here on this subreddit to please put the tag $BBIG either in the title or when you are making a post. If you would like to help get our favorite stock BBIG trending and getting more retail eyes on this stock, remembering to put $BBIG in your post will go a VERY long way with being picked up by scanners that discuss trending stocks. Don't feel obligated to do so, but if you are bullish like me about $BBIG...don't forget to add that in your post!
Disclaimer: This is not Financial Advise, please do your own DD and research, this is only my opinion and should only used for Entertainment purposes only!
Quick Recap on Monday
  • MAJORITY---if not all Meme Stocks, got Hit very hard and were not running today
    • If BBIG is red, I tend to look at every other ticker that is in the meme/high retail interest category and take a look to see how the market is doing.
    • If everything is Red(like it was---with the exception of a couple of stocks)---I don't really think much of our red day. When we have our Big Green Day---We will be riding with all of retail on the way up...it won't just be BBIG(part of being grouped in the meme basket)
    • We finished the day off -7.62% ---@$3.03
  • I don't feel anything about this loss. I know some people are starting to let the fud and shills get to them---but our time will come when it comes.
I really wanted to get a DD out on the weekend, but I just didn't quite know what else to say as I would be sounding like a broken record clock. For anyone who hasn't read my last few DD's the points that I've been hitting home are
  • Nov.24th-Dec.9th is Quartlery Dehedging window(OUR TIME TO SHINE!)
  • Shorts do not have to start covering on Nov.24th, they can do it all on the last day if they wanted to(but it's not something that we've seen really to date other than back in January)
  • We will Run when the rest of the "meme" market runs. Our time is VERY near----In fact, I dare say that our time may potentially be coming TOMMOROW and let me explain WHY---This is TOTALLY just a theory that i juste came out with---but I was drawing lines on my graph and trying to find patterns and correlations and I found one that matches with BBIG specifically every 46 days.

T+46----Is this BBIG only? Nope---Applies to A BUNCH of Meme stocks ---- A more technical explination is T+35 Days and (T+3,T+6 trading days) which most of the time lines up to 46 days. Thank you u/gherkinit for putting the original DD that brought this to light to me. You can read his original DD here

  • It's quite a simple Theory can be illustrated drawing out lines in tradingview---If you see a HUGE spike in Volume---that looks weird ----Kinda like what happened in January---count/measure out 46 days later and coincidentally...it lines up with a Green day....
    • Jan 21st----> March. 8th (Price Runs up after the 8th)
Okay now you understand the Base Theory---Let's apply this to more Candle Sticks and see how legit this theory is with BBIG

Processing img vnm4asozxm281...
  • Recap :
    • March. 23rd--->May. 7th (Price ran up after the 7th)
    • April.21st-->June. 4th (Price runs up HARD on June 4th---which happens to be in the quartlery dehedging window)
Let's continue to confirm our bias here about my T+46 Theory here:

Notice the big BOOM happening in our Quarterly Dehedging window
  • You can zoom and read the dates---but just to point out...I specifically look for Huge Candle Days that look out of place---and then measure 46 days later(aproximately) and you can predict when you get some nice price action!
Still, I don't think I confirmed everyone's Bias enough---let's keep going to CONFIRM OUR BIAS---T+46

This time I used HOT PINK---To show the BIGGEST spike that we had in October-----46 days later----yep---November.30th---Tommorow.
If this T+46 (T+35(T+3,T+6 Trading Days) Pattern Pans out----I believe we are in for a REALLY nice green day tommorow as this T+46 day is taking place within the Dehedging window AND Lines up with one of our BIGGEST days in October.

That's all the time I have today you guys---Something for you guys to read and get excited about over night as we await for tommorow to see what's in store for us. Remember---Again---I do not have a crystal ball--I am just trying to paint out the picture as I see it and call it as I see it. In my opinion, I see a big green day lined up for tommorow which would fully fall within the T+46 Date----I won't Credit for this DD or theory---I've taken a LOT of this information/bits and pieces of it from the brilliant minds from Superstonk
[edit]: u/gherkinit has written a MOASS triliogy guide which I highly recommend you guys check out here

- I didn't care much for today's price action, we traded almost identically with most "meme" stocks
-I still am bullish bewteen Nov.24th--Dec.9th
-We are POTENTIALLY in for NICE GREEN day tommorow---how much? Tune in to see?
-Tommorow, Nov.30th Marks T+35 Calendar Days & (T+3,T+6 Trading Days) u/gherkinit's Theory on Price Spikes...aka T+46 if you are a smooth brain like me.
-We go Green Tommorow?
- I don't have a crystal ball---but I am HYPED up for tommorow---Seriously---if you did not read above---CHECK IT OUT---Probably one of the most Hyped DD's I've written IF you understand how crazy this information is and how you can apply it when trading!
-If Nov.30th ends up being red---I'm gonna blame Thanksgiving throwing everything off---then Instead of my prediction being Nov.30th---It'll be Dec.1st---I'm 90% confident our BIG green day is coming tommorow---10% Wednesday.

Disclaimer: This is not Financial Advise, please do your own DD and research, this is only my opinion and should only used for Entertainment purposes only!
Hope you all enjoyed as this sums up all my free time for this evening. Please be nice to everyone and support your fellow BBIG'ers---Apes STRONG TOGETHER!
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2021.11.29 23:14 egesse12 Good progress

So I’ve been on 5-6 dates with this guy. He’s super sweet and we have an awesome connection. I texted him today basically saying that I need consistent communication (he was doing pretty well but there was room for improvement). It took him a couple hours to text back so que anxiety and me preparing for the worst…. However, he texted me back saying he “loved” how I communicated that and will definitely work on it. I was shocked…I always thought laying out my needs in a relationship would push a guy away but he was completely receptive.
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2021.11.29 23:14 pareenjapuneet Virizion : 9473 2310 8471

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2021.11.29 23:14 MorteBeretta What? 🙃

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2021.11.29 23:14 MugShots DPS Alert

DPS Alert Vehicle Accident-Property Damage SAHARA AVE / IR15; EB UNDER 11/29/2021 06:11:22 PM
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2021.11.29 23:14 y_e_s14 Is anyone trading diamonds on royal high for bloxburg money?

I have 7.8 million in bloxburg and I am looking for diamonds in royale high
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2021.11.29 23:14 Martinkush420 Gonna crack this open. Has anyone tried this papua ck20 from d. It’s a heavy one Forsure super bright green.

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2021.11.29 23:14 TheSuperVillain04 My very first attempt at #CleanWireClub summer of 2020

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2021.11.29 23:14 bluelizardK Should I eat? Is this sort of lifestyle unhealthy?

This is a stupid question but I've (19M) been fasting every now and then because I feel as though I've gained a ridiculous amount of weight. I'm at around just 48 hours so far and I feel like eating something. I feel like I should suck it up, power through, and go for at least 72 hours. Whatever I do eat will be below 1000 calories most certainly if that helps. A lot of my friends have been concerned that this will turn into some sort of eating disorder, and though I'm not worried about that I have noticed for the first time that I've cancelled plans because I didn't want to eat that day which seems sort of unhealthy.
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2021.11.29 23:14 Linguisticsaccount1 How many "I'm a fucking idiot" vibes does this give off.

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2021.11.29 23:14 BappoTheJappo Where can I watch the Asia Artist Awards when it happens?

Do I need to pay for tickets or some kind of ppv system?
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2021.11.29 23:14 ZoolShop The 15 minute lifesaver for men: It's called a 'Prostagram'

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2021.11.29 23:14 jackdarealest SolidETH=Passive Income

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2021.11.29 23:14 clip_mirror_bot The Eulogies at Ludwig's Funeral Get Dark

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2021.11.29 23:14 _TheBlacksmith Terrakion ON ME Trainers!! 5451 4137 3766

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2021.11.29 23:14 Ragdoll_X_Furry [Repost][Casual] Studying the relationship between mood, personality, and social interaction (Everyone, should take ~10min)

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2021.11.29 23:14 purakii Why won’t you have sex with me ?

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2021.11.29 23:14 McSleepyE Micro850 hates UPS power (sometimes)

We've got a control panel that's been loaded with a program, and doesn't work on UPS power. It works great on house power, and can be forced with 120 AC, but refuses to fire DI's on this UPS. We've also got a few panels that haven't been programmed, that will fire their DI's no problem. This is a micro 850, specifically a 2080-LC50-48AWB, running FW V12. I'm assuming there's some sort of programming issue or firmware issue, but at this point, we're stumped. Any suggestions? UPS, 24v power supply, suicide cord has been switched. Everything works on other comparable panels. Thanks in advance!
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2021.11.29 23:14 campbejk94 Canadian-Australasian Line RMS Niagara (1912-40) at Vancouver

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2021.11.29 23:14 TurnoverMission Danhausen interviews world famous AEW rock and or roll legend Chris Judas (Jericho) - Full Interview

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