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Celsius - Over $800 in Bonus and Promos after $50 on Signup!

2021.11.30 00:25 KaeseKae Celsius - Over $800 in Bonus and Promos after $50 on Signup!

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2021.11.30 00:25 somaiq Thoughts on “Civil Disobedience”, by David Thoreau?

I read some excerpts of this book today, and could see many core libertarian beliefs in his writing. Anyone who’s read it, what did you think of it? It’s not that long so i’ll probably end up reading it anyways but i’m curious on peoples opinions on it.
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2021.11.30 00:25 Ok-Corner6991 There's a Fifth one.

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2021.11.30 00:25 dopaminedeficiantbuh yes. i watch mha. no, i don't even consider them as drawings. seethe, dilate perhaps. cope even. 😎👅💯🤙🥵

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2021.11.30 00:25 No_way_around is it bad that I have no interest whatsoever in the social activities of my company?

Christmas party coming soon.
I like people, whenever I get the chance to make a friend, I do it, but I am not into big crowds at all. I feel so lost and disconnected, and that is what this event will be about. A bunch of people.
Is this a bad thing?
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2021.11.30 00:25 Daisyvayle oc doodle page, art by me :V (Twitter is @dozakeet)

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2021.11.30 00:25 mayhapsintellectual Jamarious Thomas, from Atlanta, GA.

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2021.11.30 00:25 Glass_Bears Need help finding a foresty gender

Sorry if this isn’t allowed! I think it is but I’m not sure ;o;
Does anybody know of a gender that relates to forests, more specifically quiet, cold, empty forests, evergreen trees, crunching pine needles and a sense of isolation? If not I think I will coin it!
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2021.11.30 00:25 Gettothechopper15 Question about Geckoterminal.com

Is this site related to coingecko? Can't find much information about who owns/runs it. Any thoughts on if it's safe to use? Thanks!
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2021.11.30 00:25 Doopy060 Very funi insult 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹😹

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2021.11.30 00:25 Visual_Flounder3686 🔴😈🔥Carol dias e muito mais você só encontra no RED PACKS! Grupo do Telegram nos comentários 👇🏻👇🏻🔥😈🔴

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2021.11.30 00:25 thtsteez BMW lovers?

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2021.11.30 00:25 McChickenwithBacon [Fo4] I have a thought, and I thought I would share it: how I would try to fix Fallout 4, assuming I knew how to. (long post but I tried to keep it interesting) potentially a mod team recruitment post, not sure yet.

note: I am broke, and totally inexperienced with the Creation Engine, but I got solid A's and B's in high school writing class.
my computer cannot even run the Creation Engine, and I cannot afford a better one right now. I understand enough to not try and do something that's likely impossible.

my biggest gripe with Fallout 4, is that you really have no choice but to go along the rails that Bethesda forces you onto when playing the main quest.
what I suggest is relatively simple, but would also be quite complex (to a point that I am not skilled enough to create and implement) and would basically require a total rework of the game.
instead of the whole prewar sequence, the game starts with you being forced into 1st person, already past the gate where the guard is checking people in.
no "hey here's your spouse and kid you're supposed to care about", no "hey here's a random guy asking you your special stats because we couldn't work it in any smoother", no "oh no that spouse I just met got 1 tapped and the child that I was expected to care about has now been kidnapped."
your character goes through the rest of the prewar vault sequence normally, but only in 1st person.
your character gets into the pod, gets frozen, and is defrosted, only to find that all the others perished due to malfunctions, and that you are the only survivor lucky enough to not suffer the same fate.
you make your way through the vault, and upon finding the overseer's office, you have to enter your information (your SPECIAL setup and name) and then "take a picture" because as the only survivor, you are automatically Overseer of vault 111, which cleanly Segway's into character editing, upon which point you get an ID which will let you get through the emergency Overseer tunnel. (which you have to do to proceed, as a cheeky way of making the character creation both mandatory but seamless enough to not be awkward or weird)
from this point forward, you are left to make your own decisions, without the context of a forced relationship or forced end goal to go in search of.
as far as specific changes, outside of edits to remove the "where son" aspect of the main story:
once you save the "Quincy Five", you go around making contact with settlements, and depending on how many settlements are available, you can either go deal with the radiant quest yourself, or (if you have the caps to) send Minutemen to go and do it for you.
if you choose the latter, you can go to where they are heading to complete the quest, and find the enemies dead, at which point you can focus on looting anything valuable or useful.
the more settlements you have with at least 75% met needs for security, food, water and happiness, the less expensive it is to have subordinates handle it, rather than "The General" doing work that is usually handled by your soldiers.
once you restore The Castle, the meta of radiant quests changes to ones that range from menial tasks such as visiting Minutemen deployed at settlements to give them awards for meritous action (acts of valor, good conduct, heroism), to planning out assaults on heavily fortified locations that might be too difficult for your character to handle on their own, assuming you went for a less lethal character build.
if I'm gonna be a General, let me be a General, and not just Preston's errand assistant.
Railroad: (my least favorite faction)
I would have them be decently similar to what they are in the base game, with a few changes regarding mid-game quests.
I would include a quest where you are sent to find a synth who has gone off the grid, and find a trail of destruction and violence, because the synth has gone completely haywire and basically is a danger to everyone including themselves.
you find the synth at the top of a high rise, struggling to control themselves, standing on the edge of the roof and about to jump.
you have three options:
talk them out of jumping, at which point they are grateful but explain that they cannot live with being unable to control their violent actions, but at the same time do not want to be reprogrammed and effectively be dead, at which point they jump;
tell them to jump for their own good, at which point their violent "personality" takes over and attacks you, forcing you to kill them as it laughs manically in a broken, filtered, off-pitch voice;
or shoot them, at which point they say "I understand.", and fall from the building.
the first option garners good responses from the Railroad, the other two would result in them being angry with you for killing a murderer because "but they were a synth and therefore didn't deserve to die even though they were literally a synthetic Zodiac Killer", at which point you are banished from the Railroad, where if you enter the Old North Church from then on, they will be hostile.
I found them demeaning and annoying as a faction, and would just make them more-so.
Brotherhood of Steel:
I would have them already in the commonwealth, but based out of Fort Strong as an outpost. they are already aware of the Institute and the Prydwyn is already on the way, but until it shows up you are basically put through a boot camp experience meant to familiarize you with the BOS, as well as garner a sense of comradery with your fellow initiates and later fellow soldiers.
as their quests go however, you see them fall into the darker parts of the BOS philosophy, with various incidents of them trading their morality for brutality and fanaticism for Maxon and the BOS's teachings.
some of their actions would echo of practices comparable to the Enclave, resulting in Maxon ordering you to go and confront them to either surrender and be court marshalled for their actions (which result in capital punishment by execution) or you execute them yourself.
one would be a former friend who turned into a psychopathic paladin, who you find just after having massacred a village because they managed to restart a fusion powered car and use it to power their settlement's lights because he views anyone who uses pre war technology outside of brotherhood authority as a potential threat to the world,
whom you either manage to talk out of his psychosis, at which point he is faced with his atrocities and chooses to kill himself using a plasma grenade in the name of preserving his honor, or piss off enough to make him attack you.
the other would be a scribe who was the star of the written part of training, but who has become psychotically obsessed with obtaining information to the point of torturing and killing people for even the most menial of data, that either lights their shack on fire and immolates themself or attacks you depending on your choices.
one of them however, would be markedly different; you would be sent to go and find a teammate that has defected with some technical documents that turn out to be for chemical weapons, and you must choose between letting them get away and live, or fulfilling your duty to the BOS and Maxon.
choosing the latter results in the BOS adopting Nerve Gas grenades, which you are given after a period of time. I would have "for use against our enemies only!" stenciled on them as a dark joke.
The Institute:
I never really understood their deal, to be honest.
so, you guys want to help humanity, by REPLACING humanity? I don't know, sounds like eugenics but high tech.
I'd instead have them focus on Cybernetics, since they were clearly on that idea at some point if Kellogg is an example.
I would have them be a faction that is trying to develop cybernetics for their stated goal of helping humanity by improving humanity through augmentation.
there would be examples of this helping people through things like using implants to restore a person's ability to walk after becoming pelagic (unable to use limbs), give a young adult a new arm after their original was lost to an incident involving a Mirelurk,
and a couple others that drive home the genuinely good intention of the institute, rather than being a rather convoluted group of geniuses.
I would keep Gen.2 synths, but instead have them primarily act as guards and assistants to people, doing things like helping elderly around in their day, as well as protecting vital resources for settlements aligned with the Institute such as water purifiers or power sources,
as well as have institute specialists out in settlements providing technical help to settlements with things like defense, resources, and building habitable structures.
there would, however, be some drawbacks and complications to their philosophy and actions.
there would be individuals inside and outside the Institute that would view their status of being cybernetically enhanced as warrant to think themselves above others, to terrible effect.
there would be a specific NPC that I want named "V3NUS", who was originally a human scientist from the institute that over time modified themselves to such an extent that eventually when their brain finally died, a recreation of their consciousness was uploaded to a hard drive and installed, posing a "Ship of Thesius" predicament when you are forced to decide if they are still "Venus", or have become "V3NUS".
while clearly displaying human emotion and capacity, is that just programming or genuinely Free Will? (basically, a condensed, less obfuscated version of the Institute vs. Railroad argument)
choosing the prior sees them continue interacting with others in the institute, despite protest of those who view here as a perversion of their goal as a society, and choosing the latter sees them shut down permanently and their body laid to rest, their burial chamber bearing the inscription of "Venus/V3NUS".
otherwise, the game would be left as intact as possible, with changes to side quests to account for changes made to the main quest, but with as minimal intrusion as possible to avoid the whole mod being any bigger than it already would likely be.
the goal is to add a level of genuine thought provoking choice into a game that lacks a tremendous amount of it.
if interested, I can set up a discord to try and coordinate a group to do this, but first I want to know what people think of this before I go too far.
if I do, let me know if you are interested and I will PM you the server address and password.
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2021.11.30 00:25 RedJams Samurai Sedge

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2021.11.30 00:25 femmebot9000 Training/behavioral Tips for an Anxious Doggo?

My girl is about 5-7 years old, we adopted her about 3 years ago and had been a stray. She is a 75lb Great Pyrenees mix. She is a wonderful dog but she is incredibly anxious and high strung. Even so she doesn’t bark a whole lot and isn’t aggressive. She is a complete sweetheart.
Her anxiety displays in some odd ways though which can be difficult to navigate and I wish there was some solution for. 1. She hates being outside unless we are going on a walk. We have a large backyard and she’ll go out to poop or pee but she will only walk along the fence(literally, she hugs the fence). She has only gone into the middle of the yard in some of the few times she feels rambunctious enough to play with our other dog. We can be hanging out in the yard with our other dog chilling next to us and she’ll be standing by the patio door waiting to be let back in. If we walk to the park with a picnic blanket she will not lay down or relax at All. She will either tug a bit at the leash trying to get us to get moving again or she’ll put her face directly in mine, seeking comfort until we leave. 2. We call her name and she runs. We could be downstairs petting her, we get up, move to another room and call her to give her more pets and she’s suddenly hiding under the dining room table(one of her safe spaces) or running upstairs. She has no problem coming to us seeking attention but the moment we seek her she is out of there. She won’t take treats unless she is in a safe space 9/10 times and the 1/10 time that she takes a treat she will carry it to her safe space and only then will she eat it. This is an issue mainly because the poor recall has resulted in us having to actively chase her down on the few times the wild has called to her and she’s booked it out the front door while grabbing a package from the porch. She’s got some long legs so she definitely has the upper hand. 3. It affects her eating. She requires our presence and encouragement to eat her food. And if something is off she will just refuse to eat. Every time we go to the vet they always tell us she should optimally be 5,10 even 15 lbs heavier than she is. I would just like her to be more confident, comfortable and secure in our home. She’s so obviously anxious nearly all the time it kind of breaks my heart and we’ve had her for years in the same home so I don’t think it’s a time thing
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2021.11.30 00:25 serendipitybot It really do be like that sometimes [X-Post From /r/DuelLinks]

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2021.11.30 00:25 EricSchC1fr The C.D.C. strengthened its booster recommendations as worries mount over Omicron.

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2021.11.30 00:25 PlushtrapChaser24319 I encountered Celeste for the very first time!

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2021.11.30 00:25 ZoolShop Gotham Awards 2021 Winners List

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2021.11.30 00:25 Illumin_Adam [Review] Tim Hortons x Justin Bieber Timbiebs Timbits

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2021.11.30 00:25 pwoelffer Going alone to upcoming Dear Hunter concert as a young woman—what can I expect?

Hi there everybody! I’ve been a long time Dear Hunter fan since I was 14. I’ve been waiting years for an opportunity to see them live, and we finally have one around the corner! I got my ticket in the nearest big city for early next year. However, I have no one to come with me and am curious about the “general vibe” so to speak of the concerts. I’ve never been to a concert alone before, and while The Dear Hunter community as I’ve seen here all seem very kind I just wanted to ask if there’s anything I should be wary of. This is probably silly and I am just being paranoid haha, but I’m a very nervous person who doesn’t typically navigate these things well 😅 But it’s TDH, so I gotta! I’d regret it if I didn’t go. Anyway, thanks for any insight or tips you all can give!
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2021.11.30 00:25 KronosTD My girl loves the dog park. Rain, shine or mud

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2021.11.30 00:25 FakeEon Lesson learned

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2021.11.30 00:25 Riskfaith "Leviathan" by Coun† Klows, Art for the Shadow of Man

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2021.11.30 00:25 bbsitch [GRADE 9 MATH] parabola

please someone help me with question 28 i am shellshocked and have no idea what to do
Processing img 83d7r5h5jn281...
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