The Blood King (PT 1)

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My name is Aldrich Elridge, I was a Lotus Member during the Invasion Of Vampires, I write this story to document my event's.

 Chapter 1 (Introduction) 
Kilian is a world of vampires and demons, My father was the emperor of Lotus, A kingdom of man. My father and the people of Lotus knew that they weren't safe, they built a strong wall around the Kingdom and formed The Order of The White Lotus, Or OTWL for short.
The Members of OTWL are trained by grandmasters of different skills to kill all kinds of monsters and vampires, Even though I am Noble I joined the order and their cause. Father Is proud but scared for my life, I still assure him that I will be okay.
The locals fear a legend that has been thrown around for centuries, Supposedly, The Blood King comes and ravages Lotus and the surrounding villages. The year was 978 and Lotus was booming in the economy, Vampires and other monsters and were forgotten.
A vampire named Victor was murdering squads of scouts, I was sent to investigate but I got dead ends on every lead. But one day...
 Chapter 2 (The Beginning of The End.) 
I woke up to a maid cleaning my sword, "Was my outfit cleaned?" I asked. She shook her head yes, then said, "Master Vincent has been looking for you."I nodded, "Thanks."
I equip my gear and left for Master Vincent's chambers deep in my father's palace, I knocked twice, and when he answered opened the door. He motioned me in and I walked inside, sitting across his desk, "What is it you wanted with me, Lord Vincent?" I asked, he smiled lightly, I didn't know if that meant he had something good or bad for me.
"It's good to see you again, Aldrich, It's been too long!" He stood up from behind his desk, he moved in front of me, "Come, we can go out, have dinner or drink some whiskey. How old are you again?" He asked.
"Old enough, I'd like some bourbon." I replied. He chuckled slightly, "I know what you want now." He pulled a bottle of bourbon out of under the shelf and filled our glasses up, then handed it to me.
I lifted the glass, clinked it against his, and gulped the amber-colored liquid down, my cheeks flushed a rosy pink as I swallowed. He laughed quietly as it was my first time, I put down my glass and gaged from the taste of the bourbon.
"One day you'll chug it down like it's no tomorrow, At least that's what I do." He said. "Why do you stay down here? People admire your teachings, hell, you taught them how to use a sword. I think you deserve an award or something." I said.
"Thank you, but I don't need any of those things, nor did I ever ask for it. It's what happens if you're not willing to follow orders that get you killed." He told me. I nodded, "So what did you bring me here for, besides just to reminisce about times past?" I asked.
"No, it's just...AHHH I CAN'T KEEP IT A SECRET ANYMORE!" Vincent yelled. Master Vincent started to shake and like he had a seizure, he started to turn into something. I grabbed my sword in fear, "Master Vincent?" I asked. He stopped squirming and stood up like nothing ever happened, he turned to me, his eyes were bloodshot and his teeth were razor sharp.
"Surprise Surprise, it's me." Victor said. "Victor has taken over my body, I can't control it." A part of Master Vincent said. "I know Master Vincent ." I replied. "I can take anything you throw at me." Victor said. I swung at the vampire, but he evaded the attack and grabbed my sword with his other hand.
"Do you think that you would stand a chance against me?" The vampire hissed and stabbed the sword deep into my stomach. The agony and the pain were unbearable, I screamed from the pain and struggled, trying to move.
"You can't comprehend the power of vampires, But now, I'm going to eat your liver with some Red pepper and some Elf Dust or something like that." Victor said. "That may be Master Vincent's body but you are a damned creature!" I yelled.
I pulled out my silver flintlock and fire, the bullet strikes Victor in the heart, as he slowly bleeds to death he says, "You humans are weak, He will finally rid the earth of you. The Blood King comes tonight, Hahaha." He coughs up blood and dies.
"The Legends are true." I said to myself Suddenly, I hear a loud boom. I exit the chambers and exit the palace, once I am outside I step on something, I pick up my foot and see a melted head that is now melted brain matter.
"Oh no." I look around and see the sky is blood red, bodies on the cold stone ground, and death surrounds me. I run to the city square to try to find my scout squad, on my way I strangely encounter no vampires.
I come upon a group of soldiers in blue armor running, they wear black vests with a silver shield attached to their belts. They also wear black boots and white gloves. As I approach them, they stop to catch their breath and stare at me, "Are you mad?! Vampires are swarming the city!" A soldier said. "I'm part of the 71st Scout Squadron, Where is the squadron?" I ask.
"They've gone to help the wounded, you should go to the hospital and report there before you get attacked." He said. I nod and continue running through the streets until I reach the hospital, it has a hole on the side of it.
I enter to see three knights standing there. "Lieutenant, you made it." One knight says and smiles. I smile back, "Of course, how could I not?" I ask, they chuckle. "Captain Klain got us holed up in here, The vampires tore through us, and a whole battalion was wiped out by some vampire using dark magic." One knight said. "What did he look like?" I ask.
"He was wearing an old knight outfit when OTWL first began in the year 870, that outfit was changed for no apparent reason." The Knight Said. "You should've killed him when you had the chance." I said. "If this helps, I saw that vampire head towards the palace that holds the council of lotus." A Knight said.
I walked upstairs and upon the roof, I'd saw Captain Klain, Watching the chaos unfold in the city. "Morning, Captain Klain." I said. "Enough with the formalities, it may be the last time we get to see this beautiful kingdom."
Klain said. "Can you not sir?! I need your help." I yelled. "Finally you stood up to somebody, What is it you require of me?" He asked. "The Blood King, He's heading towards the Council of Lotus." I said. "The Blood King, A powerful man. Isn't it strange how he comes on the day of celebrating the emperor and his role? Klain asks. I think about this for a bit, and write it down for further research.
"The Blood King must be stopped, We can do it tonight or chase him down until his body is on the floor." As I said these words a knight runs in a dash and says this, "Captain, The Blood King is marching with hundreds of vampires towards the council's palace, "What shall we do?" The Knight asked. "Grab your swords, we ride for the palace. What horses do we have that are able?" Klain asked. "We have 6, they are tired but they can make it." The knight answered.
We Three head down the stairs, we pass by the three knights and they follow. We mount the horses and ride for the palace, "Hopefully, the council members aren't dead." I thought. While we were riding, we witnessed a church crumble, I think that was everyone's hope for survival.
 Chapter 3 (Hassle in The Palace) 
We finally arrived at the palace, I dismount my horse and look upon the dark and dead palace. The Palace was on a gigantic cliff so I made sure I didn't get too close to the edge.
"How can anyone let alone powerful men who overlook the city's needs live here?" I ask. "It's nice on the inside, besides they hold important discussions that don't include people like us," Klain replied.
One of the knights writes something in a journal, "What are you writing?" I ask. "I'm writing my journey, my dad said this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Today was the day I was supposed to be a Lotus Member." He answered. "What's your name friend?" I asked. "Mortimer, Yours?" He asked. "Aldrich." I answered. We both shook hands as a sign of friendship.
"Ladies, let's kill a vampire king shall we?" Klain said. We entered the palace and immediately it looked like a war was fought in here, dead bodies and bloodied swords and armor.
"Dear God." Mortimer said. "Let's find the throne room." Klain said. We walked around the palace, trying to find the throne room. suddenly, one of the knights was gone. "Gerald? Where's Gerald?" Mortimer said.
We looked around the darkened room but didn't find him, "I'm getting nervous now, what if I'm next!? What if I'm-" Suddenly another knight was gone. It was just Captain Klain, Mortimer, and me.
Sweat started to pour down my face, my grip on my sword started to slip and Mortimer started to hyperventilate. We kept walking and eventually we found the throne room, there were seven thrones but they were empty. "I thought they would be here, the local leaders and the council would've been here discussing the vampires." Klain said.
Suddenly, we heard a voice from the shadows that made our blood freeze. "They could be hanging around." I slowly turned my head up, and there they were. The council members hung with a rope around their necks with a hole in their stomachs, blood was dripping down like wet clothes on a drying line.
"Please no..." I said in a low tone, "God's above, protect us..." I added. "I guess this is the end of my journey." Mortimer said. "We'll never be able to fight them off..." Klain added. "Why is your voice so shaky?" The voice whispered.
The voice stepped out and it was him, The Blood King, with about 20 vampires by his side. He was wearing old OTWL knight armor, just like Gerald said. "I thought Victor killed you off, he was a lackey.." The Blood King said. "Son of a bitch, you killed off my battalion." Klain said.
"With ease, they made a mess of my attire." He replied. "Let's finish this, you and I." I said bravely. "So soon? Say hi to your family for me in heaven." Blood King said. "What do you mean? I asked in a scared tone. "Oh didn't I say? your family was a tasty treat, your mother had sweet blood while your sister had sour blood." Blood King replied.
"You lie!" I yelled. I pulled out my flintlock pistol and pulled the trigger, I hit Blood King but it didn't faze him. "Thanks for making a hole in my stomach." He said.
I pulled out my sword and a fight broke out, Klain was killing vampires left and right, Mortimer was fighting a vampire but almost died. I managed to get a few blows on Blood King but he grabbed me and clawed my face, he threw me to the side and tried to bite me, I moved to the side and dodged his attack.
"You are nothing but a slithering worm, a dirty creature, and nothing more." Blood King said. I attempt to reload my flintlock but He knocked my hand away, "Your tools won't save you." He said. The skirmish continued, Mortimer finally killed the vampire but Klain was getting swarmed.
I stab at Blood King but he dodges, "This is making my blood boil." He said in anger. He was starting to chant a spell, I try to stop it but a vampire attacks me. I grab my silver knife and stab the wicked beast.
I then grab my sword and run at Blood King who is still chanting the spell, but I am too late, he casts the spell and he summons a giant hellish beast. "This will kill you off." He said. The beast was huge, it looked like a giant bull but it was deformed and looked like it was bred from the fire from hell itself.
"Oh, Shit!" I yelled. I ran away and the thing kept chasing me, Klain and Mortimer ran with me trying to escape this palace. It tried ramming me but I jumped out of the way, but we ran into a dead-end, there was a window that served as an escape route.
The only problem is that this palace is on a mountain, it leads out to a giant fall. "No way out, this is our last stand." Klain said. "Make the beast hit the pillars that hold up this place, at least these demons from hell will die with us." Mortimer said.
"That's crazy! We have to think of another plan!" I yelled. "Think on it later, let's just take care of the wicked beast first." Klain said. The beast charged at me, I lead it towards the pillar and it hit it. I hid behind another pillar and Klain made it hit another pillar, the building was about to collapse.
"One more pillar!" Mortimer yelled. Mortimer lead it into another pillar and it hit it, we all ran towards the window and we jumped out. I grabbed onto the cliff and stopped myself from falling to my death, Mortimer and Klain did the same. "Woah! Don't let go!" I yell! "That's the idea! Try to climb up!" Mortimer says.
I climb up the rocky cliff and take in a deep breath, I stand up and help up Klain and Mortimer. They make it up and we look at the destruction of the palace, "If anyone asks, we didn't do it." Klain says.
Suddenly, I hear something moving in the wreckage. "You guys hear something?" I ask. "What is it?" Klain asks. Then, The creature that Blood King summoned rose from the wreckage. "That thing is still alive!?" Mortimer yelled. The beast charges at the three of us, Klain and Mortimer fell down the cliff.
I grabbed the cliff in an attempt not to fall, The Blood King and the beast stood upon me. "How the mighty have fallen, You can't kill me. No one can. run away with your friends and try to stop me and my army." He said. I start to lose my grip and I fall down the mountain, into a dark forest. (To Be Continued)
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Will he stay consistent?
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He comes in. He drops something it sounded like something broke. I asked what broke and he goes into a sentence long cuss words and expletives at the top of his voice
I said nothing and continue to now ignore him the rest of the evening cause he's being his asshole self
So do you all confront the behavior . Like I want to listen to him yell.
It makes me agitated and he knows it I'm sure.
I try to leave the room or area like nothing he does effects me.
But it does
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Just felt good and wanted to share with you guys. Hope you can find the strength to push through and get these stories out. I know, like many of you, once these ideas plant themselves in your head, it's hard to shake them loose, let alone grow and develop them for years. So I just wanted to share my relief and wish you all luck with whatever you are working on now. I know you can do it.
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Years later, I told my mom about this memory, and she told me it never happened saying it was probably just a dream. I used to tell people that I celebrated Halloween one time, and when I heard her say that, It confused me. Sure it could be a dream, but I don’t remember waking up from it, and that’s what happens after I dream. Maybe it’s one of the exceptions, but I’m not sure. If it helps with anything my relatives in the memory are my current relatives. Could my brain have possibly replaced the people in my past life and their house to the people I currently know and the house they used to live in?
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