was messing around in the flash files of friday night funkin

2021.10.18 12:06 HeyImArchie was messing around in the flash files of friday night funkin

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2021.10.18 12:06 Alexandru72733 What do you want Rimworld's next expansion to be about?

Hi there fellow redditors, while playing Rimworld today I realized both Royalty and Ideology were more or less unexpected expansions of, aruguably, features we can mostly all agree are usefull.
Having 2 dlc's out now, do you think we'll get a new one in maybe 6 months, a year, 2 years?
If no, why not?
If yes, what do you think it will be about and what would you like it to be about?
I personally think the next expansion will come somewhere in the next year, I'd love to expand upon caravans, trading and exploration!
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2021.10.18 12:06 iiAlly_ tips 2 get faster subliminal results!! (REALISTICALLY speaking)

before i begin, excuse my username shfjsshjdnhf (we won't go too deep into younger ally's um.. taste.)

*coughs* it's time to bring out formal ally!! let's hope this doesn't flop <33

Why hello there! This is my first proper post so I'll try to fit in everything I've learned so far into this!! I hope you take the time to read this, as it could honestly be a game changer. This includes a lot of my opinions (that are backed up with literal research BUT of course you can make up your own laws! Your reality works under your authorisation if you take the opportunity to lead it)

I've witnessed a lot of people breaking down because 'they're not getting their subliminal results' and it's killing me to sit here and watch. I want to try and help out, so here are the tips I've learned. I also might be repeating myself and elaborating a lot here so bare with me! It's been a long day and I'm tired but I felt like writing this either way (I gave up doing my really important assignment for you reading this {although I did do it willingly LMAO} so give me some of your time >:()

Ever since getting onto subliminal and reading the posts from u/Rasen_God + https://www.reddit.com/Subliminal/comments/pogq2how_i_got_my_desired_face/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3 my eyes have been opened up so much. I'd really recommend taking the time to read them!

Let me just tell you. Consistency, self love and mind reprogramming in general IS KEY. K E Y, I TELL YOU.

Before you listen to subliminals, PLEASE. P L E A S E work on your mindset. It's such a game changer, I swear you won't regret it. I've been listening to Sapien Med's Subconscious Limits Removal subliminal and plan to listen to it for 28 days. I've been in the sub community for almost 2 years I think? Or a year and a few months and had minimal to no results BEFORE I started to work on my mindset. I haven't started working on my mindset for too long but I'm already beginning to see my results. Sigh, mindset is a game changer, that's all I'm gonna say.

Reprogram your subconscious. Seriously, devote 21 - 66 days to work on it. The effort is so worth it!! It takes up to 22 - 66 days to reprogram your subconscious fully, although it could take double the amount for people aged 31 years or older. The reasoning? Well, your subconscious keeps reprogramming until you're 31, so it'll be a little more time consuming for you people in that age range but it's always possible, just keep moving forward.

BE CONSISTENT. I S W E A R CONSISTENCY IS SO IMPORTANT AND SO MANY OF Y'ALL HAVE FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT. You're forming a new habit, and a new habit doesn't form in a matter of seconds. This'll all be possible if you take the time to work on your mindset but for now we're starting from fresh. Even so, don't forget about these basic principles I'm teaching you. CONSISTENCY, PEOPLE. CONSISTENCY.

Be consistent with your routines. If you replace your negative thoughts with positive thoughts, you'll see amazing things happening to you.

Also, I know people can get results in a few listens or so but repetition is important to get results. If it wasn't needed, your subconscious would literally snap a single thought to reality. Which IS possible if you have the mindset hehe (just affirm that only positive things will happen to you) so the more you loop the video, the more efficiently it'll work! The best time to listen to subliminals is either while you sleep or before you sleep because if you try reprogramming your subconscious mind throughout the day, your conscious mind will get in the way and prevent it. (How I deal with this is using the affirmation 'Every time my conscious mind doubts my results, I get faster results' hehe. I'm a genius, I know! I know!) Although, I don't like listening to subliminals while I sleep since I want to let my body rest. So I listen to them before I sleep and then while I studier randomly throughout the day whenever I'm doing something.

Can I also add that self love is such an important thing too? Literally add a self love subliminal to your playlist. It's amazing. It helps you think positively and also boosts the speed of your results? How, you may ask? Well! If you're affirming that you have your ideal nose that seems perfect to you but then trash your face later on in the mirror, love, you're gonna have some trouble in the detachment, living in the end AND self esteem department. You're basically telling yourself you don't have your ideal features (that are perfect to you) and that you're bla bla bla (e.g 'ugly'), which will make you ugly. See why self love's so important? Plus, being desperate comes from lack of self esteem and that's not gonna be a helpful factor if you're trying to detach. So what I'm saying is, work on self love. Look at subliminals and changing yourself as a fun thing, not something you're desperate for because 'you're not enough', because you ARE.

I really hope this'll help you with your journey. Remember, this is how I view subliminals and you can have your own laws to this! This is just how myself and lots of others view it and it's backed up with real research and information, so I'd really recommend following through with my tips or picking out certain things you want to try! I'm not trying to seem like a whole killjoy :( I genuinely see comments on videos about how Solar's turned the community from 'listen for 28 days for results' to '1 listen = results' and so on, but all I'm trying to state is consistency, self love and mind reprogramming is key. So many people have forgotten about it since then and I just find it to be such an important factor when manifesting, but it's totally okay if you have your own beliefs and those work for you! I'm glad they do. Have a great rest of your morning, afternoon, evening or night! Sweet dreams and sleep well to some of you!

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2021.10.18 12:06 MaybeLeast How long after codeine can I take dihydrocodeine?

And how much stronger is it? And does it work the same way. Thanks!
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2021.10.18 12:06 Long-Comedian-2681 Collective script requests

Hey all! This morning I was thinking about the lack of transparency of the grading system in these exams, and thought about an option that might be worth discussing. If we were to all request scripts from the different subjects we sat when results are released (say we could get 20/30 scripts per exam) and upload them anonymously to a database/drive, would that not allow us to counter-check the marking system or at least get an understanding of what was required by the examiner? I think this would be advantageous for mainly two reasons: it would allow us to understand if they are marked consistently with the same approach, and get a grasp of what the examiner is looking for (and assess how reasonable it is/ verify how 5 marks are automatically lost for every answer or very rarely given).
Do you think this is doable? Would the law society be in disagreement with this? And more importantly, would this create a backlog in the release of scripts?
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2021.10.18 12:06 savvalens FURIA sweep Australs to qualify for VALORANT Champions

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2021.10.18 12:06 redditedbrain School isn’t replying to my emails whilst encourage all students to email them...

One school isn’t replying to my emails for many months. I have sent additional emails, tried to reach out all ways possible, yet they completely ignore me. At the same time, on their webinars they encourage students to reach out to them.
What might be the reason? I really can’t think of any. It makes me feel like an impostor who isn’t wanted by the school, or am I being too dramatic?
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2021.10.18 12:06 cile1977 First watch face I built (WatchFaceStudio)

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2021.10.18 12:06 KCTurkeyTL KuCoin, Polkadot Parachain Slot Müzayedelerini Destekleyecek

KuCoin, Polkadot Parachain Slot Müzayedelerini Destekleyecek
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2021.10.18 12:06 Rafalsitar Some pc maker simulator

I have searched thru probably all the pc creating simulators GAMES I ALREADY HAVE/I DONT LIKE: 1.PCAA - GFG 2.PC creator simulator - B&Y Games 3.PC Building Simulator - amin apps 4.PC Creator - UltraAndre Preferred: something that is more like PCAA or PCCS Perfect match: Something like computer tycoon (Progorion)(pc) but on android
Please, tell me there are more than these 4 pc creating simulators, since PCCS wasn't that long on google play and is still underdeveloped i think it isn't enough. PCAA has got a very long update that i don't want just to wait
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2021.10.18 12:06 Sylveons Which Aurorians do you think have the strongest Equipment skill in the game?

Like title said.. who has the strongest EQ skill? From what I own/know Beryl seems pretty busted after her buff. (500% def-ignoring bonus damage for 15-tile chain) and ofc there's Tessa lol. s She's simply the queen at nuking especially in the last event.
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2021.10.18 12:06 BaySyde Bay - Rain Dance <3 Thanks for listening

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2021.10.18 12:06 gordoh Any South Africans here?

Im looking to bring on 1 or 2 new scholars but I am only interested in recruiting South Africans right now. I already have some international scholars but I am hoping to help bring Axie Infinity to South Africa also because at the moment its pretty much unknown. Hit me up if you'd like to apply.
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2021.10.18 12:06 JJtangas VOD / ratings (source?)

As for VOD, where do these ratings come from? Not from IMDB, from what I've seen...
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2021.10.18 12:06 Alexander_Pountchev Do you think Salò is a good movie?

View Poll
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2021.10.18 12:06 siface Learn Japanese while walking the streets of Japan: Ep1 Kasuganomichi

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2021.10.18 12:06 BrutalisPenitalious How long does this chest will be on the shop?

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2021.10.18 12:06 Poutre75 Qui pour se branler sur cette chienne de Léa elui ? Mp maintenant

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2021.10.18 12:06 1karan1 [RaySportz] Coach Bastab Ray appointed as the new Asst. coach of ATKMB'S senior team; Coach Bastab has worked under former EB coach Alejandro Menendez (I-league) & former ATK FC Coach Robbie Keane (ISL) | Rumours suggest, former Asst. coach Sanjay Sen, quit his position due to health issues/concerns

[RaySportz] Coach Bastab Ray appointed as the new Asst. coach of ATKMB'S senior team; Coach Bastab has worked under former EB coach Alejandro Menendez (I-league) & former ATK FC Coach Robbie Keane (ISL) | Rumours suggest, former Asst. coach Sanjay Sen, quit his position due to health issues/concerns submitted by 1karan1 to TheMariners [link] [comments]

2021.10.18 12:06 Grouchy-Shake-8924 A confusing situation

My(19) boyfriend(20) broke up with me yesterday for a reason I don’t quite understand, he said he’s feeling like nothing he’s doing is right at his job and he doesn’t want his moodyness to affect me so he wants to break up but also remain friends and hangout every so often just not like all the time like when were together. He wants to try again later down the track when he’s in a good space. But idk do I wait? Is it worth it? I really just don’t know at the moment and I’m really hurting over it. Do I delete all of our photos together or keep them cause we’re friend or we’ll end up together again? Personally I think if we still hang out I mentally will not take being not a couple if we hang out I feel like I would break down slowly? Please some advice
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2021.10.18 12:06 mohammadabusalem Gardnerella vaginalis male

Hi Guys, 24M here, my recent STD screening came back positive for Gardnerella vaginalis , I have no visible symptoms, however, I'm currently in a relationship .. so could I pass this to her ? and should I seek treatment?
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2021.10.18 12:06 Basswillsavethequeen “What helmet is this” - wrong answers only?

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2021.10.18 12:06 HeadLadder306 Interesting apple snail behavior... anyone else?

I take care of apple snails that I got from my grandpa. Their shells were really really thin it's like they're barely getting calcium from the water. Their color was yellow too.
Now I fed them 1 large boiled cuttlebone. They munched on it like it was food and I ignored it I thought "yeah that's normal".
I come back after a few days, and holy jesus their shells became THICC. I haven't measured but I'm sure they're 1mm thick ATLEAST compared to a hair-like thickness before. So I fed another and observed this new behavior, only the snails with thin-shells go to the cuttlebone. Like they somehow KNOW their shells are thin and go to high calcium sources. HOLLLYYSHEEEET
What amazed me is 1, they can make their shells THICK. 2, they know what they need. Holyjesus. Anyone else encounter this!?
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2021.10.18 12:06 Lost-Daikon4155 Poppy in boxes!

She was one of my 3 DIY houses so I never had her with her beautiful home, just a standard one. She has only been gifted the KK Love if I am not mistaken! Please save this cutie from the void!
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2021.10.18 12:06 bkex-exchange 🔹 Staking🔹 BKEX Global will open #Staking - #CMCX Pool - Time: 20:00 on Oct 18, 2021 (UTC+8) 🔸 🔸 More details: https://bkex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408014595353 #Bitcoin #ETH #Blockchain

🔹 Staking🔹 BKEX Global will open #Staking - #CMCX Pool - Time: 20:00 on Oct 18, 2021 (UTC+8) 🔸 🔸 More details: https://bkex.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408014595353 #Bitcoin #ETH #Blockchain submitted by bkex-exchange to BKEXGlobal [link] [comments]