At what site do you stake your crypto?

2021.10.18 12:26 Oreallyman At what site do you stake your crypto?

Where is the best to stake your cryptocurryency
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2021.10.18 12:26 cfonan Anyone from TSU Law?

Are you a graduate or a student of Tarlac State University School of Law? What are your thoughts and how is the environment there? Thanks in advance. :)
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2021.10.18 12:25 bulletsandbbq #joebiden #covid

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2021.10.18 12:25 One_Investment8265 Coworker (23f) is worried that us making out (me 26m) and grinding on each other while clothed made her pregnant, and she just started taking period managing pills a few days ago (less than one week), whats the right call to do?

Yesterday me and my coworker had a bit of a frisky time, long story short we enjoyed kissing and as we were kissing i rubbed my member on her, and i was wearing jeans but without underwear and she's wearing a skirt and panties, comes today morning she asked me if i had my member's area wet and told me that hers were full of fluids and is scared that she will get pregnant as i didnt wear protection and is only a few days into using anti pregnancy period management pills and they wouldnt take effect until a week later. And while i did not ejaculate i had some wetness on the jeans and im afraid it made its way to the insides as she found a lot of fluids in her panty and clothes' under side...
We are in a really bad situation right now, we didn't expect things to go this badly so fast and we were just feeling the waters, but I'm afriad we will have to tie each other in order to take care of the child or go through the abortion process which is scaring her to shreds... What ahould i do? I'm seriously worried and having anxiety attacks.
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2021.10.18 12:25 vanfilip 🇩🇪 7 Official Bundesliga Highlights for Gameweek 8

Bayer Leverkusen 1-5 Bayern Munich

FC Augsburg 1-1 Arminia Bielefeld

Borussia Dortmund 3-1 FSV Mainz 05

Eintracht Frankfurt 1-2 Hertha Berlin

Union Berlin 2-0 VfL Wolfsburg

Borussia Monchengladbach 1-1 VfB Stuttgart

1899 Hoffenheim 5-0 FC Koln

What do you think, in which game were the best goals?
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2021.10.18 12:25 Crypto-Peter-Pan Beefy.Finance | Vaults Recap | $47,000,000 TVL 🔥on Arbitrum

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2021.10.18 12:25 Main-Fishing5640 I love barnesandnobles now I found these two mangas there

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2021.10.18 12:25 exxxxkc Brilliant(Not me)

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2021.10.18 12:25 UNIVERSAL9168 what is your opinion soccer or football?

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2021.10.18 12:25 zdzm17 What amp should I get if I want a Nirvana-ish sound?

I’ve been obsessed with the sound of Kurt Cobain’s guitar tones, I’m kind of convinced they’re just perfect so I wanna see what I need specifically to get that sound.
I’m not asking for what Kurt used, I’m just asking for something that’ll help give me the sound I’m looking for.
I’d prefer it to be on the cheaper side. The most I’d be willing to go for is like 300 bucks.
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2021.10.18 12:25 PadreToxico ** Chillstrumental Joints ** - selected carefully. best chilled beats.

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2021.10.18 12:25 herpes_for_free I genuinely want to get into this genre of RPG video games but I'm lost

Where to start?
I love the classes, love the setting and story, but the one thing I can not like at all is the combat.
I've tried Pathfinder Kingmaker and Baldur's Gate and yet I don't feel the same as me playing the Witcher 3.
I just, don't get the combat at all. You attack a monster, pause before attacking and use skills, then what? You let the fame take its course? You focus on one character? You try to micromanage each of your character?
To me, it just doesn't feel fun.
And I fucking hate it. I'm so engrossed in the class system of these games, and I imagine soooo much of what I can build with those classes. Story and the setting are no problem for me, the only thing that's bringing my enjoyment down is combat.
I just hate this. I genuinely want to get into it, but every single time I play, I get bored in an hour. Combat feels like a chore to me, and I don't know what to feel anymore.
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2021.10.18 12:25 CommunityIntrepid605 Need support

Hello guys, I'm looking for an advise, I finished university 2 years ago with CS degree, worked in the field for about 6 months and then started working in out sourcing company as trainer, is it good to learn more about data science to work with it as freelance? Knowing that I live in Jordan.
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2021.10.18 12:25 Riton_animation NOBLESSE OBLIGE // Age of empire II Compétition // 1 and 2 november

Hoï ! I planned a 1 vs 1 Tournament on AoE II definitiv ! Come and bash your friend with a handed sword for honor and glory ! First day : qualifications // Seconde day: Finals match Here to rejoins the army : Here for more information ( discord ) :
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2021.10.18 12:25 ThematicStudy Keeper votes yes for a walk

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2021.10.18 12:25 One_Giant_Nostril Quint by Bob Lizarraga

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2021.10.18 12:25 Rabbit_Medic Cthulhu, The Great Old One
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2021.10.18 12:25 YoMomsHubby What do you call a boat full of buddies?

A friend-ship
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2021.10.18 12:25 dontarek Tarek - Fapstronaut [Drevobos Recordings]

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2021.10.18 12:25 gpaukov121internet wer

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2021.10.18 12:25 slothrr If I apply for a mortgage now at X rate, can I expect the same rate as advertised when the mortgage actually starts (1st April)

Just want to try and get my remortgage sealed up before any rate rise.
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2021.10.18 12:25 Abbie56O yes I am

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2021.10.18 12:25 Rough-Guidance6388 Not yet done here.

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2021.10.18 12:25 bennyrobert Meet astronaut Dr. Mae Jemison, the one-time Star Trek actress who beat William Shatner to space

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2021.10.18 12:25 lord_EarlGray How to find RSS feed of a channel

Hi, is that even possible? I would like to add a few channels to my RSS viewer.
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