[Academic] Form about online privacy (All welcome)

2021.10.18 11:40 Neotixjj [Academic] Form about online privacy (All welcome)

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2021.10.18 11:40 cckci evimin yakınındaki park.

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2021.10.18 11:40 Unsung_Pizza_Box they're selling for the same price and I am unable to decide. can you guys help?

I'm a college student. This would be my 3rd earbuds after spending 50$ 2 times only to see one of the two buds not working later. I don't wanna regret.
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2021.10.18 11:40 HoldMyDrink2 Knights with shotguns, anyone? I'm torn between the AWP and the UMP for the next one

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2021.10.18 11:40 WinstonChurchillin If you die tomorrow, who are you going to piss off the most?

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2021.10.18 11:40 notorioussword ESR?

Hi all,
I am currently looking at short-term Early Stage Researcher positions (around 2 years).
I am doing this as a step towards gaining a PhD. Does anyone have any experience/advice on this such as how the workload compares to a MSc and PhD, and if it is considered a good pathway?
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2021.10.18 11:40 EDPostRequests Request: Taking it all away from me

This eating disorder is taking it all away from me. I purged 3 times today. I feel like shit. Who the fuck purges and then immediately eats again? All because I went to my mom’s house. All because I ate too much. All my fault.

Like a giant, looming wave, this eating disorder is ready to engulf everything in my life and destroy all that I have built. My relationship with my mom. My relationship with my long distance boyfriend. He would leave me if he knew. I like him so much. I’ve grown used to his presence. My studies. I can’t fucking focus if I’m busy yakking my guts up. Enjoying food. I can’t enjoy food. When I do, the floodgates open and I binge and then purge.

I’m doing all of this for what? So that I can be pretty.
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2021.10.18 11:40 -SoZz- 187 my highest on TD6 so far! Woo

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2021.10.18 11:40 Dhruvgupta1135 "... ..." -Red, 1999

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2021.10.18 11:40 datingisnoice A sincere advice to people out there: if you want a relationship, do not put out on the first dates. Do not equate hook up culture with love

There's a trend right now on reddit and in our dating culture to call women and men who don't want to have sex right away when they're dating someone for damaged, weird, demisexual, hang ups and so on.
Hook up culture is so ingrained in todays dating that if you don't participate you're considered the weird one. Now, lots of people are looking for relationships. They're writing it in their bios, they're being upfront about it on dates etc. But since hook up culture is what it is, people with no intention of settling down will go on dates with people that are looking to settle down because they know that expectations have changed and its now expected to have sex on the first dates, irrespectively of what both parties are looking for.
The most common advice on this sub, often given to women, is that they should have sex on the first dates, and if not the guy loses interest. Let me tell you one thing now that is pretty straight forward: if a man can get you to put out on the first dates, he will have no motivation to date you seriously. This is true in 95% of cases. People like to bring up that they managed to get with someone after hooking up on the first date, but its so unusual that it isn't worth to actively do this unless you like being ghosted and made to feel like a used plastic bag.
Stop equating hook up culture with love. Most people don't fall in love after having sex on the first two dates, because there's no emotional component in the mix to make that happen. Stop thinking you're damaged or weird for wanting to know someone before you hop in bed with them.
And for the sake of everything, stop listening to people who say they'll lose interest if they can't have sex with you after two dates. They are clearly a product of hook up culture, trying to project their own insecurities and values on you. Someone who says that doesn't care about your boundaries and you have every right to not give a shit about their opinion.
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2021.10.18 11:40 HomoSapien1415 Why does verb have ad

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2021.10.18 11:40 khaledzm502 GOL D ROGER

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2021.10.18 11:40 All__fun Ballet in Lithuania

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2021.10.18 11:40 erenko4325 (Babel Tower)Machiavelli phase 2 be like:

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2021.10.18 11:40 Hedi69420 Ah po asnjeher ne dem te saj

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2021.10.18 11:40 robertasgym 20-MIN FULL BODY FAT BURN Workout - 2 Weeks Weight Loss Challenge

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2021.10.18 11:40 Poundweed Weird yellow radios on forsaken.

This isn't anything I'm sure of, but i found 3 yellow radios on the map and I can't get rid off this feeling that they do something. I think that they might be a music EE, but i also think that they might be a dud. I tried interacting with them, tried knifing them, shooting them - nothing. They don't do shit, but they are sus as fuck to me. If you are wondering where they are, one is at the electronics shop on the left hand side if entering from the arcade direction, one is at the Ronald Rayguns location and one is near the pizzeria, going towards the teleporter on the left path, on the shelves. I think I'm paranoid, but they have been bugging me since release. If you find anything, please, respond. I need to know whether I'm right or wrong. Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.18 11:40 Omni_Tron120 EUW Plat Jungle Main

Hi my name is Matt, I am 22 and I am looking to play on a team of 5 who plays clash tournaments and scrims other teams. My discord is Mattyツ#7331
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2021.10.18 11:40 Emilia_Silverova Using an adjective as a nickname

Привет всем,
So I want to translate a (female) character's nickname, which is "Silver".
Thing is, in English that can be both a noun and adjective, so I have several options:

Any advice/ideas/suggestions? Хорошего дня!
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2021.10.18 11:40 wanderingstorm Port of Seattle, Seattle, and storing luggage

First cruise next year and first time ever in Seattle so I'm a "virgin" when it comes to stuff like this. I know that Port of Seattle has "port valet" that can get your luggage to and from the airport and onto the ship but that's not really what I need.
Do they simple store luggage for you to pick up? I am thinking of dropping my luggage off early the day of embarkation and seeing a quick sight before I get on the boat -- then on disembarkation day I'd like to get off the boat and have something to do with my luggage while I do something else before my hotel allows me to check in in the afternoon.
I'm thinking my hotel would probably let me store my luggage before and after since I'll be a guest but I'd like a backup.
I also heard that Port Valet service may not be running right now? (Probably a COVID thing so I'd hope it's back in service by next August)
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2021.10.18 11:40 ekamao How to determinate the severity of the dermatitis

Guys how can I determinate how much my dermatitis is bad? My doc say that mine its medium and I don't need dupixent but i'm suffering. How can I determinate the severityt of the illness. How is yours?
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2021.10.18 11:40 sora_mui please help me ID these Mammilarias

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2021.10.18 11:40 someones_honeybun catching up

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2021.10.18 11:40 kuddleking87 Found on a video on YT regarding the rise and fall of Jared.

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2021.10.18 11:40 publishing_alice Tyreezy ft August.III - Richie Rich [Trap]

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