SY Bounty Deck

2022.01.18 08:10 Chrislibear87 SY Bounty Deck

Hello, I am looking for the best syndicate Bounty Deck at the moment.
Can you send me some deck links, that would be nice. Thank you very much.
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2022.01.18 08:10 PoorLyx I like that the hospital uses a CTEK battery charger to the UPS battery for their network stand.

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2022.01.18 08:10 AwakenedMemory Rotating between kratom and traditional prescription pharma opioids?

Hi, I take kratom to ease/remove the restless leg syndrome I get when I take Seroquel (Quetiapine), but recently my tolerance has been increasing and I find myself continually increasing the kratom dosage.
I was wondering if rotating between traditional prescription pharma opioids and kratom will allow me to effectively keep my tolerance low, and still reap the benefits of removing the extremely annoying restless leg syndrome that Quetiapine can give.
Or do they both act on the exact same receptors and therefore rotating between the two would be a futile attempt?
Appreciate any insight on this!
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2022.01.18 08:10 Particular-Spot4850 How a dasher I met in the wild told me he made $70 on a 3 mile small Taco Bell order.

Met a dasher who took a Taco Bell order. Late night, no drive thru line. $9 payout. One bag, no drinks and ready when I (I mean he) got there. After getting the food he gets a call asking to stop for a beer run and he’d tip. $20. Dasher felt adventurous and went into the store, grabs case, notices long line with one helpless worker and books it to the car. Makes it to the customers house (wasn’t underage btw) about 24-26 yo. Asks how much it was, I said about $10 (it actually was for the case). Said he was gonna give me $25
Get to the car. Check cash. $60. Total payout around $70. Lucky dasher. Good thing I don’t steal but good for them!
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2022.01.18 08:10 snailwet giannis is washed.

giannis lost to tiny evil bald fucking elf devil like a fucking idiot and now their seasons over
khris middleton looks like fka twigs
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2022.01.18 08:10 dfntlyntaneanderthal Dota 3: Dragon's Blood (Book 2) spoilers without context.

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2022.01.18 08:10 Sammy_Gayvis_Junior App taking away history and Sternthology

Why does the app now not have new History, new shows, or any Sternthology? What a joke
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2022.01.18 08:10 buninthesun which path do you guys like better? I can't decide

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2022.01.18 08:10 NefariousnessBusy402 Based on a true story

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2022.01.18 08:10 bluray_bot Shock (Blu-ray)

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2022.01.18 08:10 HegelianDude comic book that people haven't noticed yet

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2022.01.18 08:10 Countcristo42 Lords vote to make crimes motivated by sex or gender hate crimes

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2022.01.18 08:10 Exciting_Land_3560 MetaBET ($MBET) - The future of Betting in the Metaverse STEALTH LAUNCH x1000 Potential KYC Verified Team & Contract Source Code Verified! This is MetaBET – a Metaverse casino backed by decentralized finance and Blockchain technology.

MetaBET ($MBET) - The future of Betting in the Metaverse
STEALTH LAUNCH x1000 Potential
KYC Verified Team & Contract Source Code Verified!
This is MetaBET – a Metaverse casino backed by decentralized finance and Blockchain technology.
We are bringing a decentralized casino platform to the world of Crypto. Take a seat at one of our roulette tables in the Metaverse while being compensated as an LP provider for our MetaBet token, the possibilities are endless.
With an astonishing 75% (!) of all the casino profits being redistributed to our LP providers, gambling at the casino has never been this fun! Picture yourself as a poker player sitting across the table from your favorite celebrity, this is exactly the experience that MetaBet is bringing with our metaverse casino.
With a supply of only 100M tokens, with tokens locked to de-risk the project for incoming investors, and major development underway in building the the current platforms, with a cordinated plan in building the MetaBET Metaverse Betting Ecosystem, this project will become a multi billion dollar market cap betting project.
🏮Stealth Launched Monday 8am - 12pm PST MBET/ETH swap will be available exclusively only on:
🏮MBET contract: 0x37c4822dfcea7211d1d9876dabd48c62d46dbaab
$MBET (ERC-20) TOKENOMICS: 🏮100M token supply 🏮9.9% Dev Allocations Tokens - Locked for 120 Days 🏮10% Presale Tokens - Locked for 90 Days 🏮100% liquidity locked 🏮10% Buy & 10% Sell Tax - 2 week only - Marketing purposes
Road map 🔑 milestones: 🏮Q1 2022 MetaBET Casino 2D GameFi 🏮Q2 2022 MetaBET Metaverse 3D Phase 1 🏮Q4 2022 MetaBET Metaverse 3D Phase 2
Official Links: 🏮Telegram: @MetaBETTG 🏮Twitter: 🏮Website:
🏮Dextools trending link:
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2022.01.18 08:10 camelidJXM975 Will it start?! Prius left outside in cold

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2022.01.18 08:10 lilbinkyboobear Long Hauling, Omicron and Depersonalization/Brain Fog

Has anyone here experienced significant worsening of their Long Covid symptoms after a second round of Covid? I'm mostly wondering about depersonalization or severe brain fog, though I have a laundry list of problems I've been going thru and appreciate any response. I can't really tell which one it is, I called it depersonalization, a nurse at my PMD called it brain fog. I've been long hauling since July 2021, I think. That's when my symptoms both appeared and worsened suddenly. I can't remember much more than a few things from before getting vaccinated, but I'm 1000% sure most of my symptoms started after the vaccine. I didn't figure out what I was going thru was Long Covid until Oct. 2021, so it was months of suffering and having no idea why.
I am getting over Omicron right now. The depersonalization started first, two weeks ago today. I don't feel like I'm in my own head is the only way I can really describe it. The first week it was as if I was floating behind myself, watching this person move and talk, and then it evolved into feeling like this isn't my life, and it's all a bad dream I can't wake up from. I am numb and horribly apathetic. I know this is real life right now though, and I am getting more frustrated with each minute that goes by and I feel like this. I've only felt this once before, when I had Covid back in Dec 2019. I knew something wasn't right when I woke up two weeks ago on Tues Jan 4th.
I got sick Dec 25th, 2019, before Covid was in the US according to the media and officials. They were wrong, it was here. That day was the start of something I could never ever imagine. 6 weeks of the worst illness I'd ever experienced, almost completely bed-ridden for 3 of those weeks. I lost 20lbs, my ability to taste and smell were gone. It was a nightmare trying to force eating and drinking. I had several out of body experiences, and I was looking down on myself as I laid in my bed. I went thru multiple inhalers in a week at one point, that's how much trouble I was having breathing. I likely should have gone to the hospital, but they didn't have Covid tests then and had been saying it wasn't here yet, and my doctor said it was just a prolonged flu.
Then in Feb and March 2021 I got vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine. I gave myself a concussion in April 2021, and that's when I noticed the memory loss, headaches and just feeling off. I should mention that I had been high-dosing Vitamin C at the time for a few reasons. I began that August 2020.
July 12th & 13th 2021, I experienced severe mental stress at work. Mentally I fell apart. I woke up on the 14th with tingling, electric shocks and numbness in both hands. The feeling like they were asleep. It has been present 24/7 since. I had carpal tunnel surgery Aug 2021 on my right wrist, it made the tingling worse, but stopped the shocks for the most part. July 16th my period came 2 weeks early. I continued getting it every two weeks for 4 months. The anxiety I suddenly felt was crippling. The panic is hard to describe, like it was deep in my stomach. The adrenaline dumps were, and still are, out of control. They happen frequently and make it hard to maintain my weight, and I am considered underweight and can't afford to lose anything. I have no appetite most of the time, and drinking protein shakes has taken a toll on my kidney function. I am disgusted at my body and can't look at myself naked in a mirror.
I stopped high dosing Vitamin C on July 12th because I started a medication that had an interaction with it. It was as if the flood gates opened the moment I cut out the Vitamin C.
I had a brain MRI done July 2021, and hyperintensities were found in the basal ganglia area. It was compared to an MRI I had done in 2017 after a previous concussion. That one was clear. 3 reasons were given as differential diagnoses: 1 - migraines, which I don't suffer from, 2 - an ischemic vascular event, and 3 - "least likely" from a traumatic brain injury event. My neurologist blamed cigarettes as the cause. I asked him if I had MS, as my symptoms are very similar. He immediately dismissed my question and said no. No tests done or anything, just a "No." It was suggested to me by a co-worker that maybe I had mini-strokes during the out of body experiences. I don't know if that's what happened, and I wonder about it from time to time.
I developed Omicron symptoms on Jan 5th. I didn't feel sick throughout, but that feeling of depersonalization/brain fog has been constant, even now. I tested negative on the 7th, and positive on the 11th. My symptoms finally stopped last week Wednesday, then Saturday I suddenly felt a hundred times worse. I actually feel sick now, nose is back to running a lot, congested and coughing up a lot of phlegm, and I feel like garbage, and so tired. Add to all of that, my middle toe on my right foot is now tingling and feels like it's asleep all the time now.
My doctor wants me to see a rheumatologist after I requested certain bloodwork be done, and the ANA results came back abnormal. It's been a challenge finding one, and when I do, they are booked out to August at least.
I am wondering if anyone else has experienced any of this? Does anyone have any advice to help the depersonalization stop? I take a variety of vitamins a day, but that's pretty much it. I have left out a lot due to the length, so if there's any questions, feel free to ask. I am so frustrated with all of this. I was at least functional before this second round of Covid. Now I feel completely useless. Incredibly dumb, like Covid just wiped my brain of any and all knowledge. I can't make decisions. I stand around all day doing nothing, knowing I need to do this and that. I can't remember anything, and forget about concentrating when feeling this way. I asked both my drs for help, and I was told to rest and hydrate. If only it were that easy... thank you if you made it this far, and thank you for any advice anyone has.
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2022.01.18 08:10 bluray_bot Liar Liar (Blu-ray)

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2022.01.18 08:10 5-2-222-55 [Hobby/RevShare/Other] Looking for a 3D animator and UI Animator/Designer for a first person, sci-fi/horror, social deduction game.

We are in need of 3D Animatiors to animate 3D models and props in the world. We have a lot of animations such as arm moving up to the face, walking in all directions, crouch, wall crawl, using vents, opening doors, getting crushed by door, sucked into space, idle animations and more. These animations will need to be multiplayer compatable and look realistic.
We are in need of a UI AnimatioDesigner for the UI in the game. Think the UI in: GTFO, Halo, Among Us, High Class Trouble etc. Very digital and sci-fi.

About the game: The game will be a first person sci-fi horror, the game resolves around many players running around fixing the ship enough for the ship AI to come back online.
The players need to get the ship AI back online to resume control of the ship as the ship was almost fully automated and is now drifting in space.
The reason the AI is offline is due to an outside source, some aliens were picked up along the journey and are damaging the ship, all humans on the ship at the time were in cryosleep and were awoken during the AI's last attempt to overcome the alien attack, now the humans will need to fix the ship all the while aliens are among them and could kill them at any moment.
Please DM me or comment on this post if you are intrested or want to know more.
All help is welcome!
I am more than happy to sort out what you want on a per x basis or just rev share, or something between, I am the sole funder for this project right now, so money is tight but I will be up for working most things out with you :)
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2022.01.18 08:10 Global_Fail_2093 Are we more from our fathers or more from our mothers?

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2022.01.18 08:10 maybelyn24327 The Cross The Ages metaverse is one for all! We provide a unique experience for all walks of life! Interact with the metaverse how you please. Read on and learn more: #NFTs #Metaverse #P2E

The Cross The Ages metaverse is one for all! We provide a unique experience for all walks of life! Interact with the metaverse how you please. Read on and learn more: #NFTs #Metaverse #P2E The Cross The Ages metaverse is one for all!
We provide a unique experience for all walks of life! Interact with the metaverse how you please. Read on and learn more:
#NFTs #Metaverse #P2E
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2022.01.18 08:10 henabr01 How can I alter a squence in the same project without it altering the other sequence?

I have a project opened and 2 sequences. When I make edits in the first sequence, it makes the same edit in the second sequence. I would preferably like to edit one without the other as to have a draft sequence before I edit my actual video
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2022.01.18 08:10 Lonely-Security-9451 Streak 1 - Motivation Letter (help me assessing my motivation letter please)

Sehr geehrte/er Frau/Herr,
ich freue mich, Ihnen bezüglich meines Visumantrags in Deutschland für Studium an der Universität Duisburg -Essen zu schreiben. Ich kann Ihnen versichern, dass ich von diesem Masterstudiengang sehr begeistert bin.
Mein Name ist XX XX. Ich bin 25 Jahre alt und in XXX bin ich geboren und aufgewachsen. Ich war einer der harten Arbeiter Studenten in meiner Schule, aber vor allem genoss ich das Studium der Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften, so dass ich hart gelernt, um die Fakultät für Ingenieurwissenschaften beizutreten, indem ich 99,76% an der High-School bekam. Ich habe in 2019 meinen Bachelor-Abschluss in Erdöltechnik an der Universität Sues gemacht. Ich bin Erdöl ingenieur von Beruf, aber jetzt arbeite ich nicht, um Deutsch zu lernen. Arabisch ist meine Muttersprache und ich spreche fließend Englisch und sehr gut Deutsch (eigentlich bin ich B1). Mein Schwerpunkt lag darauf, die erforderlichen wissenschaftlichen Kenntnisse zu erwerben, um in der Energie und Umweltindustrie arbeiten zu können. Heute trägt der weltweite Energieverbrauch zu Umweltverschmutzung und globalen Treibhausgasemissionen bei. Zu diesem Zweck können bestimmte Energieressourcen eine wichtige Rolle bei der Kontrolle und Verringerung der Umweltauswirkungen spielen. Ich war immer davon begeistert, dass ich in der Lage bin, die wesenschäftlichen Kenntinnessen von Auslegung und Entwicklung verschiederner Anlagen, die in der Energieindustrie verwendet werden. Deswegen ist dieser Masterstudiengang sehr geeignet für mich. Der Schwerpunkt dieses Studiengangs zielt auf meiner persönlichen Interessen ab und bildet eine Erweiterung zu meinem Master Energie- und Umwelttechnik. Die Möglichkeit für innovatives Lernen und Praxisnähe reizt mich besonders und ich bin noch motiviert, aktiv in diesem Bereich mitzuwirken und mich akademisch sowie persönlich einzubringen. Damit kann ich meine Erfahrungen und Berufsausichten weiter entwickeln und ausbauen. Dieser Master bietet auch die Möglichkeit, erneubare und nachhaltige Technologien zu studieren, damit kann ich etwas für die Umwelt machen. Deuchland ist ein innovatives land mit erstklassigen Universitäten auf dem internationalen Niveau und man hat auch die Chance, Theorie und Praxis miteinander im Einklang zu bringen. Die Universität Duisburg-Essen (UDE) ist eine der jüngsten und größten Universitäten Deutschlands. Ihr breites Fächerspektrum reicht von den Ingenieur- und Naturwissenschaften. Seit ihrer Gründung im Jahr 2003 hat sich die UDE zu einer weltweit anerkannten Forschungsuniversität entwickelt. Deshalb bin ich überzeugt, dass dieses Studium mein Wissen vertiefen und meine Karriere als Ingenieur verbessern wird. Ich glaube, dass das Leben dort mir eine Menge Zeit sparen wird, um zu studieren, nach einer langen Suche fand ich, dass ich alles bekommen könnte, was ich in einer Großstadt finden könnte wie Kinos, Restaurants, Museen, Einkaufsmöglichkeiten, Cafés, ein Theater und viele mehr. In Deutschland dürfen internationale Studierende während des Studiums auch in Teilzeit arbeiten, was mir sehr dabei helfen wird, die Lebenshaltungskosten zu bestreiten. Wie ich bereits erwähnt habe, dass mein Niveau B1 ist, deshalb habe ich also einen Sprachkurs B2 in der Sprachschule L.A.N.E.S. in Duisburg (NRW) gebucht und werde bis zum gewünschten Studienniveau fortsetzen. Es wird am 07/03/2022 beginnen. Ich habe mich auch für Deutschland entschieden, weil ich in der High School Deutsch gelernt habe und es wirklich Spaß gemacht hat, es zu lernen. Zusätzlich kann ich Auslandserfahrungen so sammeln. Ich glaube, dass es eine großartige Möglichkeit wäre, mehr und mehr Deutsch zu lernen. Ich habe auch viele Praktika in vielen Bohr- und Produktionsbetrieben in der Erdöl- und Erdgasindustrie (ungefähr vier Praktika) während meines Studuims. Ich war auch in die studientische Unternehmensberatung eingetreten. Ich war in der HR-Mitglied bei AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists), als ich verantwörtlich war, Kontakt zu Unternehmen zu knöpfen , um Praktika für Studierende breitzustellen. Abgesehen davon lebt mein vorheiges Studium von den geistreichen Kommunikationen, mit denen man Erfahrungen gesammelt hat. Ich habe meinen Lebenslauf beigefügt, der meine Ausbildung und Erfahrung näher beschreibt. Mit freundlichen Grüßen
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2022.01.18 08:10 MonoiGirl How to I tell my new guy that I became unemployed without turning him off...

I've been seeing someone for almost two months but my job ended in December. It as just extremely toxic and I let the contract terminate on its own. Since this year, I've been mostly doing things to organise my unemployment, doing errands, looking after myself. I was very happy the day Iost that job and felt so relieved. I feel like I can be a better girlfriends too, I was working 40h in a 4/5 regime so I was exhausted but I was too embarassed to bring it up to a new guy. He did ask me if I felt at home there and I kinda evaded talking about work because in reality it was making me very depressed. I'm seeing a psychologist now though and I'm not afraid to find a new job. I'm scared to bring it up though because the guy is a bit older and has a very solid career. I'm more the type that gets anxiety from the thought of working full time anywhere and I think i want be settled in any job anywhere soon. I like the change and I like to bail places when I can. How can I make this look like a positive thing? I want to tell him about the toxic things I saw and that I don't tolerate it. That I feel much better now and am looking at the future, and that I am going to look for something that is truely part time and not hidden slavery, and something in a more gentle sector. I think it might even make me look more confident to say it this way. He likes women who can earn their own share but I was kind of wondering if it would be okay to say that I am not career focused at all and that I wouldn't mind being a housewife and/or combine it with part time work. I'm scared to be found lazy or like I have too much time on my hands, even though I get benefits and feel like my mental health is a lot better without my last job. I don't want him to think I am mentally unstable even though I kinda am. I struggle with general anxiety disorder and I get very anxious from the thought of committing to a job. How do I give this a positive spin? I really don't want to lose him.
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2022.01.18 08:10 ZethKeeper Comicbook colorist available for projects

Comicbook colorist available for projects Hello!
My name is Maksim Strelkov, I'm looking for coloring work in 2022. If you're in need of a comics colorist please get in touch. Here're some samples:
More samples here:
Covers and pin-ups are in the main gallery.
Page rates: $60 per page, $120 per double spread and $80 per cover. If you want to hire me, send a message TO MY EMAIL: [](
Line art by Terry and Rachel Dodsons
Lineart by Guiseppe Camuncoli and Cam Smith
Lineart by Pepe Larraz
Lineart by Luke Sparrow
Lineart by Reilly Brown and Nelson De Castro
Lineart by Reilly Brown and Nelson De Castro
Lineart by Mariano Navarro
Lineart by Marcio Abreu
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2022.01.18 08:10 OtherCalligrapher994 🔥 Liftoff and booster by Elon tweet | Only 11k Marketcap! The token that change his name on each trending topic!🚀

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Growing more every day, avoid scams and rugs and join a healthy community 🦸‍♂️
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2022.01.18 08:10 bluray_bot Song of the Thin Man (Blu-ray)

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