2021.11.30 00:42 Strain_Hopeful .

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2021.11.30 00:42 jcbuszka Help! Weird white spots/ bugs?

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2021.11.30 00:42 made_of_honor Who in your opinion the greatest musician of all time?

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2021.11.30 00:42 meneame_el_reddit «No te puedes ir, eres mi puta»: condenado por agredir y retener a su pareja y a la hija de esta en una chabola

«No te puedes ir, eres mi puta»: condenado por agredir y retener a su pareja y a la hija de esta en una chabola submitted by meneame_el_reddit to MeneamePortada [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 00:42 P1g13t i found this in the .fla file of The Green Imposter

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2021.11.30 00:42 Johnnyin1 Verona VS Cagliari - Italian Serie A: Team Details

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2021.11.30 00:42 CristopherSantos GREETINGS Good Day Manager's! I'm Cristopher Santos, A student from the Philippines! Here is my curriculum vitae to know me better. Have fun checking if I am fit to be your scholar

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2021.11.30 00:42 Fika_time After the whole dinosaur thing. Maybe y’all can stop spamming other brands social media’s that even remotely resemble teddy fresh.

With peace and love I enjoy teddy fresh. But this sub seems to think it’s the greatest thing ever made. And any brand that even has a slight similarity is posted to be “called out”
Obviously the sister merch was straight up a rip off. But I have seen so many brands that have been posted for ripping off teddy fresh. When it can just be a coincidence inspiration.
One of them was even Ralph Lauren who has been using the teddy was before teddy fresh.
Also anytime teddy fresh resembles an older brand the sub tries to justify it and stay quiet.
So maybe now y’all see it can happen and let hila handle it. It makes the fans seem immature to spam comments.
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2021.11.30 00:42 austinseel Trade back for my haunter

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2021.11.30 00:42 davejopen Just completed this custom NYC themed chess set. Yes, the board is aligned wrong. Yes, I’m planning to get new photos because of it 🤦🏻‍♂️

Just completed this custom NYC themed chess set. Yes, the board is aligned wrong. Yes, I’m planning to get new photos because of it 🤦🏻‍♂️ submitted by davejopen to AnarchyChess [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 00:42 MaximaEt_Illustratum Banning me for 7 days is ridiculous and unjustifiable

I posted this in the DT:

HOT TAKE: German people don't get enough shit for enabling Hitler's rise to power and his atrocities.
Election turnout for the past three decades in Germany has been consistently at 70%-80%. No party since the reunification of Germany has ever gotten more than 44% of the popular vote and most have not gotten anywhere near the Nazi Party's 37.3% in what was the second to last free and fair election in 1930's Germany. NONE of the German elections in the past 30 years have had higher turnout than the first one where the Nazis won a plurality in 1932 (84.1%!). If the Nazis were not democratically elected, going by that exact same logic, no recent German party nor head of state has ever been democratically elected. Germany is therefore not a democracy (nor are most European countries for that matter).
Everyone in the Third Reich knew about the Holocaust and not only did virtually no one do anything about it, but many, many people outright supported it. Read Hitler's Willing Executioners to read about how the many, many ordinary Germans who enthusiastically participated in The Holocaust.
Yet people always say "Hitler killed 6 million Jews" as if no one else had anything to do with that. Many don't even say "the Nazis killed 6 million Jews." Just Hitler. People say frequently "the Americans enslaved millions of black people," "the British looted India," etc., but never "the Germans killed 6 million Jews."
The Germans killed 6 million Jews. Start saying that.
And I was subsequently banned for 7 days. Here's the reason I was given:
Rule II: Bigotry Bigotry of any kind will be sanctioned harshly.
If you have any questions about this removal, please contact the mods.

How on Earth was that post "bigotry"? I was just pointing out the double standard of people saying things like "Americans enslaved millions of black people" and "Britishers looted India" but never "Germans killed 6 million Jews." It is ridiculous how disconnected the German people get to be from their government's misdeeds in a way that no other western democracy gets to be. Read Hitler's Willing Executioners. Many ordinary Germans did indeed support and participated in killings and virtually no one tried to stop it. And I was talking about 1930's and 1940's Germans, not today's Germans. A 7 day ban is way too harsh for such a minor offense. Can I please be unbanned or can you at least shorten the duration of the ban?
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2021.11.30 00:42 VIIXb And now, random nicknames I made for the dr1 cast because I was bored

Eggy BOI
Mary tzu
Rich bitch
Psycho killer
The dumbass
The not-snake
The screamer
The fanbase.
Small toddy goth GF
Ms myster
Despair waifu
16th student joke goes here.
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2021.11.30 00:42 Spiritual_Signal2651 Live!

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2021.11.30 00:42 -Hand_Satanizer When to expect pollen? Plant is at D39.

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2021.11.30 00:42 SnoenySoaf 🃏💰CryptoGwent [Liq Lock][Renounced] PLAY-TO-EARN GAME IN THE WITCHER UNIVERSE💰🃏

Play your favourite card game and earn! Skill, not luck, is your greatest weapon. 💪 Pick a faction, build an army, and wage war against other players across multiple game modes. With hundreds of cards to collect, new strategies are always a thought away.
🃏 Each card is an NFT token (BEP-721) that can be bought or sold on a marketplace. Win rare cards, sell them for a higher price, or use them in the game to increase your chances of winning.
After $GWT sale events, the rarest cards will be put up for public sale to initial investors at fixed prices. All funds raised will be used to develop the game. Follow the news!
🤑 The internal currency of CryptoGwent is $GWT. For GWTs, you can buy new cards for your deck on our marketplace. Also, you can always exchange GWTs for ETH to get your profit.
💵Monetary unit for in-game operations.
Currency for purchases within our marketplace.
Playing Incentives: You will earn GWT regardless of whether you win or lose.🙀 If you win, you receive +1% to your winnings, and if you lose, you receive 0.5% of your losses.
🔥Burning: 0.1% will be burned from the amount of each win. The more players play Gwent, the faster the total supply of GWT decreases and its price rises.
Initial Supply: ONLY 100,000,000 $GWT
25% | Treasury Fund: 25,000,000 GWT
15% | Team: 15,000,000 GWT (linear vesting for 1 year)
7% | Initial Liquidity: 7,000,000 GWT
40% | IDO: 40,000,000 GWT (unlocked at listing)
13% | Playing Incentives: 13,000,000 GWT (incentives for 1 year)
Distribution of $GWT is planned for 1 year. Sales to take place on DxSale. 40% of the total supply to be sold to primary investors. Liquidity tokens will be locked for 2 years.
The funds raised from the IDO will be used for three purposes:
Development of the platform | Marketing | Initial liquidity
In case of win, follow instructions from the email
Contribute between 0.21BNB - 10BNB to be redeemed for GWT tokens
📌 40,000,000 GWT tokens will be distributed, at a price of 0,0000105 BNB/GWT. There is no lock up periods. Funds raised during the Whitelisted Round will be allocated to the Development Fund to ensure the success of the GWENT game and to bootstrap liquidity on Pancake Swap.
🚨The Public Sale Round is an FCFS sale to take place if GWT tokens will be left after the Whitelisted Round. Contribute between 0.21BNB - 10BNB. There is no lockup periods.
Contract: 0x710b6A6c9E31B76C55B650e20916e997B0657Fe9
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x710b6A6c9E31B76C55B650e20916e997B0657Fe9
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x13116E8EF7850Fc16B075c8115f69257F885EEc9
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x710b6A6c9E31B76C55B650e20916e997B0657Fe9
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2021.11.30 00:42 Shades-of-Blue-54 The old cassettes offered by Premiere were ridiculously expensive. Accounting for inflation, a single 3-hour show on tape today would cost you $37.

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2021.11.30 00:42 BrooklynFilmmaker Would you fire your accountant over poor communication?

My husband and I have complicated taxes (we each own our own business in addition to owning rental properties) and our accountant is, as far as I can tell, a great accountant as far as tax knowledge and filing goes. The problem is communication. I almost never speak with him directly, and all of our communication goes through someone who works in his office. My most recent exchange with this office manager went like this: 1) I asked for something, not knowing there would be a charge because the office manager never mentioned it; 2) After they completed the work, I got a credit card authorization from the office manager, who said they were charging us a fairly large amount; 3) I asked for an invoice; 4) She sent an invoice for hundreds more than the figure she named when she sent the authorization; 5) I asked about the discrepancy; 6) The office manager said there was a mistake with the invoice and sent an invoice for even MORE money than the original, mentioning nothing about the initial lower fee she named. This type of thing is fairly standard. I'm sure this isn't shadiness on the part of the accountant--it's just carelessness and poor communication on the part of the office staff. Our accountant is so in-demand that he doesn't take new clients, and my sense is that we're a low priority for him. I can't decide whether we should just suck up all the poor communication--which is mostly just annoying--and be grateful to have a knowledgeable accountant, or if we can do better. How hard is it to find a great accountant? This one is better than my last one, who did my taxes wrong.
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2021.11.30 00:42 MrMexican500 Here’s a random skin concept, Sir Wicke the candle night

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2021.11.30 00:42 JinxyMVP Still wondering people's reaction about Max Scherzer to the mets.

How do mets fans see this signing? How do non-mets fans see this? Do you think that he will be Mad Max for all 3 years of that deal? Will his elbow go to shit? Anything.
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2021.11.30 00:42 Comprehensive_Cap332 Big ass 🤤🤤

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2021.11.30 00:42 X1nShee finally after the hunt buff I can use her now. (ofc my speed gears rolled bad sadly).

finally after the hunt buff I can use her now. (ofc my speed gears rolled bad sadly). submitted by X1nShee to EpicSeven [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 00:42 falafelwaffle10 The SC legislature is proposing highly gerrymandered redistricting maps. Out of more than a billion simulated potential maps, only 0.0005% exhibit more extreme geometric partisan bias. I didn't catch this in time for public hearings, but you should contact your reps and express your concern.

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2021.11.30 00:42 OldWolf2 [BOOK SPOILERS] Elyas coming in S2

The Wot Up guy mentioned this in passing on his latest video starting around 9:30 -- he said that his source had told him Elyas would be coming in S2, although merged with another character.
Speculating he wasn't in S1 for the usual reasons -- keeping all of a minor character's filming scenes together for budgetary / actor availability considerations.
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2021.11.30 00:42 _sqptact I’ve heard that if you say “Kim Kardashian” in the mirror five times fast, a ________ appears before you and drags you to the underworld.

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2021.11.30 00:42 Goldencoco7 Cayo b2b

I got the panther so add jmack9045
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